Mentor Spotlight: Jay Pinckney

Say hello to our very first Mentor Network Spotlight, Dr. Jay Pinckney! He is the Director of the Baruch Institute at the University of South Carolina and has been a member of SEERS for over 33 years.

Dr. Pinckney is a marine ecologist who studies how marine ecosystems work, especially in terms of how they process energy derived from microscopic plants (phytoplankton and microalgae). Dr. Pinckney is primarily interested in mechanisms that regulate community composition in ecosystems. Most of his work is conducted in estuarine and coastal waters in South Carolina. Dr. Pinckney regularly mentors students and would love SEERS student members to contact him to learn more about his lab!

Check out more about the Estuarine Ecology Lab, home of the PhytoNinjas! Or email him directly at: