Honorary Members

The Southeastern Estuarine Research Society has been pleased to confer Honorary Membership upon the following individuals for their contributions to the Society and/or their outstanding work in the fields of coastal and estuarine research, education, or management:

1978  F. John Vernberg, University of South Carolina

1978  Eugene Odum, University of Georgia

1980  Bill Burbank, Emory University

1987  Bill Brillhart, Emory University

1990  Vic Burrell, South Carolina Marine Resources Research Institute

1992  Anne McCrary, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

1994  Frank Maturo, Jr. University of Florida, Gainesville

2007  Don Hoss, NOAA Beaufort Laboratory

2013  Richard Dame, University of South Carolina

2016  Dennis Allen, Baruch Marine Field Lab, University of South Carolina

2018  Clay Montague, University of Florida

2021  Geno Olmi, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

2021  Joan Sheldon, University of Georgia