SEA Buddy Program

The Student Experience Alliance (SEA) Buddy program is designed to welcome first-time student attendees by pairing them with SEERS student members who have previously attended SEERS meetings. Students will be paired in small groups and given their SEA buddy’s contact information (email, phone) prior to the meeting. At the meeting, SEA buddies will have plenty of opportunities to network! SEA buddies may decide to socialize after hours during the meeting by exploring local attractions together. This is an excellent way of making long-lasting relationships, sharing project ideas and resources, and potentially learning new information from student peers that may aid your research.

What to Expect as a SEA Buddy

To maximize the value for all attendees involved, SEA Buddies should expect to:

  • Touch base with each other prior to the meeting by answering questions and making plans to meet up on the first day;
  • Attend the plenary talk together;
  • Meet up at the Evening Social;
  • Touch base on the last day to discuss your experiences.

Experienced SEA Buddies are also asked to:

  • Be a supportive resource and answer questions to the best of your ability;
  • Introduce new attendees to fellow SEERS members;
  • Provide guidance on how to maximize meeting experiences.

To be part of the SEA Buddy program for each meeting, be sure to select First-time Student or Experienced Student on the meeting registration form.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the SEERS Student Representative.