Nominations for SEERS Secretary, Treasurer, Student Representative

SEERS needs you in 2021-2023! We are taking nominations for the 2021-2023 positions of: Secretary, Treasurer, and Student Representative. If you’d like to learn more about the positions, feel free to contact the current officers. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know, please email Cassondra at

The Secretary will serve a 2-year term beginning at the Spring meeting following their election. They may serve up to 2 consecutive terms. The Secretary shall be the custodian of the records of the corporation. The Secretary shall accurately keep minutes of the meetings of the directors, shall accurately keep records of the membership business meetings, and shall maintain the mailing list of the Society. The Secretary should submit contributions representing the corporation to the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Newsletter and may also create and distribute news and announcements for the Southeastern Estuarine Research Society.

The Treasurer will serve a 2-year term beginning the spring meeting after their election and may serve 2 consecutive terms. The Treasurer shall have the authority and responsibility for the safeguarding of the funds and securities of the corporation and for maintaining an accurate list of active members of the Society. If there is a transaction of property, the President must be a signatory along with the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall at all times maintain records evidencing the property owned by the corporation and its disbursements and present the same to the annual meeting of the Board of Directors, provided, however, that the record shall always be open for inspection by any director.

The Student Representative will serve a 2-year term beginning the spring meeting after their election and may serve 2 consecutive terms. The Student Representative promotes engagement and student perspective in the society. They should also work closely with the Secretary to assist with communications to the membership. This includes social media updates on platforms deemed appropriate for our membership. The Graduate Student Representative shall assist the President-Elect on the Student Promotions Committee as needed. Such tasks could include the Student Networking Breakfast, promoting student travel awards to the student membership, and other tasks as deemed appropriate by the President-Elect. The Student Representative shall be part of the Student Promotion Committee, working closely with the President-Elect.