SEERS/CERF Statements on Justice and Equity

Dear SEERSians,
The Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation recently published a statement regarding a Call for Justice and Equity. As an Affiliate Society of CERF, we support and endorse the following statement made by CERF:

Dear CERF Community,

The Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation is committed to equitable treatment for all. Human suffering and the trauma imposed by racism are intolerable in the CERF community.

As a professional society, we are committed to enabling futures unfettered by racial injustice. These ideals exist within our Federation’s mission, and our commitment to inclusion is articulated in our Rising TIDES (Towards an Inclusive, Diverse and Enriched Society) initiative. Creating equal access to knowledge and eliminating inequality in science requires the full commitment of every CERF member. It also requires daily practice, now and always. CERF commits to understanding and eliminating barriers overt and subtle, and joins the call for justice.

SEERS as an Affiliate Society and our own diversity committee work towards fully supporting Rising TIDES as well as any activity to promote inclusion in our sciences.

Wishing you health and safe environments,

Enrique Reyes
SEERS President 2020 – 2022