SEERS Welcomes New Board Members for 2021-2023

The Results are In! We want to congratulate our newly elected governing board members, Amy Grogan (Student Representative), Christopher Buzzelli (Treasurer) and Devon Eulie (Secretary). We are thrilled and truly grateful to these SEERS members for their willingness to serve and to participate with the government of our society.

Amy is a PhD student at UNC-Wilmington where she’s looking into algal toxin dynamics. Although she’s early in her academic career, she has been a member of SEERS for 6 years! 

Chris is the CEO and owner of a consulting company with contracts all across the southeastern coast. Chris received his PhD at College of William & Mary. Chris has a long history with SEERS as a member and this is his first turn at being part of our self-governance, showing that it’s truly never too late to volunteer.

Devon is faculty at UNC- Wilmington where she teaches coastal morphological processes. Devon has been a SEERS member since her graduate studies and now is our twice elected secretary, showing that it’s never too late to do it again!

These truly outstanding members will help and contribute to steer our society for the next two years. 

Congratulations Amy, Chris and Devon. The Governing Board welcomes you and appreciates your willingness to serve.