Student Spotlight: Emory Wellman

Emory Wellman is seeking her MS In Biology from East Carolina University with plans to graduate in Winter 2020. She is part of the Coastal Ecology Lab under Dr. Rachel Gittman. Learn more about Dr. Gittman and her lab here:

Emory’s research focuses on salt marsh and oyster restoration, and the ways in which restoration can be designed to enhance delivery of coastal ecosystem services, particularly the services of erosion prevention and storm protection. Her interests revolve around the phenomenon of inter-specific facilitation, and the ways in which joint restoration of coastal ecosystem engineers (like salt marsh vegetation and bivalves) can enhance each other’s growth and success. She hopes to make her results relevant to coastal policy makers and managers, and inform the ways that we sustainably develop and protect our coasts. SEERS is proud of Emory and the great research she is doing!

Learn more about Emory: